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In a world of uncertainty, ever-changing technology, the vastness of choice and complexity, it is getting harder and harder to navigate the online world.

I help business owners simplify their approach by focussing on what matters, their happiness and success.

There are hundreds of fancy widgets, gadgets and plugins out there which promise the world. The practical application of these tools is often misunderstood, unnecessary and often overstated.

I help you find simplicity. I help you work on being more effective.

What matters is being authentic, simple, yet effective.

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things...There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.

— Peter Drucker

How I Help

My primary purpose is to help you with your digital marketing efforts, which includes:

  • Redesigning eCommerce websites
  • Optimizing eCommerce businesses to maximize sales
  • Creating, managing and optimizing Facebook, Instagram and Google Ad campaigns to drive engagement and revenue
  • Developing email marketing campaigns to increase engagement and sales
  • Developing a content strategy for blogs, landing pages and social to improve SEO and interactions with potential clients
  • Setting up course platforms to deliver your training to your clients or customers
  • Designing and developing marketing funnels to drive sales
  • Developing CRM solutions to support your sales teams and internal processes
  • Developing project management solutions to manage your work

Oftentimes people have said that I should specialize in a particular area of focus.

I prefer to have a broad understanding of a business from end-to-end. This allows me to identify opportunities to improve sales performance, processes and effectiveness of the company. 

A business is a growing organism and each area of the business needs to function for the greater whole. I see the high level and then drill down into the details to isolate and tackle issues one by one.

Working on the little things, can and do make a huge difference in the greater scheme of things. 

Get Support

While I support my clients by working on a strategy and execute on areas which require attention, you may not be at a point where you can hire a team to go to work on these areas of your business.

You may find yourself in a position where you feel alone in your business. Let's face it, even though its 2020 and the internet has been around for a while, people around you may not understand what you are trying to build on the internet. Speaking to your friends about your business struggles may feel uncomfortable. 

Having someone to talk to about your marketing and online business challenges may be the best thing you do. As a business owner myself, I understand the frustration and pain that comes with creating a website, creating products, creating content and finding clients. 

I offer coaching programs that allow you a safe space to get ideas, talk about your business and get advice.

While I am not a certified coach, I call on my experience as a business owner to help you in any way I can.

Check out how you can work with me below.

Ways To Work With Me

One-On-One Coaching

Work directly with me to discover specific business strategies for your business to help you grow your business and wow your customers.

  • Get 4 One Hour Sessions Weekly
  • Session Recordings
  • Weekly Accountability Goals

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Online Courses

Learn how to build, optimize and amplify your business through online strategy, digital advertising, content and email marketing.

  • Online Video Training
  • Community Access
  • Live Virual Group Sessions

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