The World Online Is Confusing AF!

In recent years since working online as a digital marketer, I have been able to help numerous businesses and individuals. The digital marketing world can be very technical and also very confusing for anyone looking to get online and promote their product or service.

With any new venture, you instinctively search for ways to learn how to attract customers online. How to build a business online. How to make money online. These search phrases will result in thousands of blog posts, videos, books and social posts trying to explain and teach.

In my journey online, I very fortunate to have found success in the work that I do online. But this was not always the case. My initial journey was lonely and depressing mainly because I lost a bunch of money and did not do my research before hand.

There are a ton of companies claiming to help you earn six figures with their program, course and trainings. No doubt these types of people have always been around, but today it’s just so easy to find them hiding behind a link on a website, or a click in an email.

There are programs that can help you, and genuine people do exist. All I am saying that in today’s online world it is sometimes hard to distinguish the ponzi’s from the real deal.

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