The First Step

All my life my mom, teachers, managers, colleagues, friends, girlfriends and wives have told me I am a good writer.

As of writing this, I am 34, and finally decided to create a space for myself and my thoughts. I do publish on too, but thought I would also create a space that I am completely in control of.

If you are like me, an ADD, free spirited person, who can do many things you might have debated something similar in your mind.

I like to think that writing is my form of expression. However, I have always written out of necessity. From the alphabet for school, to homework, to essays, projects, assignments, love letters (yes we used to write them out, not text messages or snap videos), speeches, exams, sms, tests, finals, cv’s, cover letters, emails, word documents, presentations, business plans, reports, sales letters, websites copy, landing pages, email copy, texts, sexts, Facebook posts, tweets, Pinterest descriptions, YouTube titles, Instagram posts, project descriptions and now a blog.

I thought with all that tapping on keyboards I would be a faster typist. Clearly, that typing class I took in school during Grade 6 didn’t do much justice.

So welcome to my space. Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what’s on your mind.


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