From Embarrassments to Evolution

I find it really interesting that an organization like the FBI, could be responsible for one of the largest international personal privacy debates in the history of Apple, iPhones and data encryption. What is even more interesting that once they got into the phone they wanted to recover ‘evidence’ from, the phone gets wet and they cannot access the phone anyway. Cover up story? Nobody will know.

Evolution is when a little white ghost get’s updated on your phone, and causes a complete change to the engagement and interaction of the app itself. The tech is the same, the device is the same. Snapchat only changed the way people, us minions, interact with it. That is amazing.

Superman v Batman was awesome. Being in Thailand, I was able to see it on release day before most of the scandals news predicting doom and gloom for its release. But, I can’t help but wonder if this was all a stunt to get more people to watch the movie. Actors saying people should “watch the movie and form their own opinion” and “see it for yourself” kind speeches. It’s been a week and polls suggest a 50/50 split between love and hate. I wonder how many of those new Facebook emoticons they were able to muster up?

Trying to hustle while being sick is virtually impossible. But hey…I got this post done, had 2 meetings, drank about 2 liters of water, 2 liters of orange juice and worked for a solid couple of hours. Seems the drugs I am taking calmed my nerves to the point where I was able to concentrate. Fascinating.

Final thought. “All’s is well.”

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