What It Takes To Be A Gamer Online

Today, there are a ton of jobs that one can choose from. Gaming is one of them. An unheard of profession in the 80’s and 90’s. Since the advent of HTML5 and websites such as YouTube and Twitch and games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends being a professional gamer online is more than possible.

Want to know what it takes to be a professional gamer online? Below are the things you need to be a gamer online.

Gaming PC

This is probably the most important aspect to be a gamer online. You will need a PC that has enough processing and graphics power to handle playing games. Games today require more processing and graphics power than ever before.

If you are a console gamer, you may still need a PC or Mac to record your gameplay and edit the videos to be a more friendly online format.  

Streaming PC

If you choose to stream your gameplay online, then you may need a PC dedicated to streaming. This PC will take the load off your gaming computer, reduce lag and load on your main computer. Chat and other software can also be run on this PC so you can keep up with subscribers, fan comments and general conversations going on while you play.

Streaming Software

There are a number of software options when it comes to streaming online. Xsplit and OBS are by for the more popular ones. OBS is also capable of recording your screen while you stream. This recording can serve as a backup.

OBS also allows you to overlay graphics, comments and bots on your stream.

Screen Recording

If you are playing your games on Xbox or Playstation, then you will need to record your gameplay to a hard disk. The most popular option is the Elgato HD 60. The Elgato has software you can load on your pc or mac to manage your recordings. It also has streaming options direct to you YouTube and Twitch.

Another option is to use an Avermedia Game Capture H2. This device records screen input in 1080p at 60fps without having a PC. It pairs with your mobile phone to change settings and upload to YouTube directly from the device.


You will need a decent microphone to pick up and project your voice online. Good quality microphones are designed to make your voice sound clear, crisp and of good quality. Good Microphones also eliminate other sounds that may be going on outside or in other areas of your environment.


If you are streaming live your audience may want to see you in person. People may enjoy seeing your reaction to an event on screen or just want to know you are real and likable. It gives people a feeling of connection to you. Currently one of the most popular is the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920.

Editing Software

While this is not needed in most cases, if you want to cut your gameplay down to be more interesting and limited to shorter videos, you may need software like ScreenFlow, Camtasia, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier. There are a ton of software options out there.

Gaming Niche

Everybody has a preference of the games they would prefer to play. Focussing on playing games that you are good rather than playing games you are not will reward you in the long run. Don’t play games that people may pressure you to play just because of popularity or hype. Stay true to yourself and play the games you love.

Internet Speed

Be sure that your ISP is geared up for live streaming and large file uploads. Be sure that your connection is fast enough to handle great upload speeds that will decrease lag, allow you to stream HD quality and give a good experience to your viewers.

Time and Dedication

Gaming as a professional requires full commitment. While you can start part time, your viewers will always want more from you as you stream and upload more content.

Create a schedule to play, stream and upload. Fans will look forward to your content if you are regularly giving them something to watch.


Probably the most important element to being a successful gamer online is personality. Being friendly, reactive, fun, entertaining and caring can go along way to making you successful online. Some of the most successful online personalities are humble, truthful, have loads of fun and listen to their audience.


This goes without saying. But just having games to play, will not help you grow. You need the right games for you and your audience.

Mental Fortitude

The Internet can be a very intimidating and scary place. There are people who will make positive comments and those that will leave negative comments. You will need to prepare for all types of comments as you see success and growth.


Every form of work has phases. First you are nervous and excited, then you get used to the work and settle into a routine and things seem normal and ordinary, then you may go into a phase of complacency and boredom. Keeping motivated while in the early phases is always the most challenging. They say getting your first 100 subscribers can be the hardest. If you are putting in the effort, sharing your content and doing everything right, it is easy to burn out and quit if you see little movement on your channel numbers. Keep going and your success will follow. The nice thing about being a gamer is that new games come out often, so every day can be a new adventure.

Online Tools

Night bot is an online app that allows you to tie in your YouTube and Twitch accounts to display notifications such as new followers and subscribers, and also post automated messages while you play.

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that is useful to generate conversation around certain events, channels or games. Creating your own discord server allows your fans to get together as a community.

While this is not a complete shopping list, you will want to set yourself up with the basics to get started. Some gaming setups are more elaborate and expensive than others. One thing is certain. All you need to do is to get started.

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