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Overwhelmed and Confused?

Today, we have more information available us than ever before. It's easy to get caught up researching solutions to your business problems and find conflicting messages. Everyone, at some point will suffer from shiny ball syndrome. We see a video on the internet claiming that there program or widget will solve all your business issues.

The truth is that some advice on the internet can be very useful. The trick is knowing what to take action on and what not to.

It's my job to know what is new in the market by way of tactics. I spend most of my days researching, testing and applying 'new' marketing techniques.

I was 14 when I made my first sale. During school holidays, my parents would bring my brother and I to their supermarket to 'help out'. Since that first day, I have been battling my own demons and stretching myself to create the life I always wanted. I first started working online 6 years ago with no money and nothing to my name. Today, I run a digital agency, and have served close to 100 clients in the last 5 years. I share this with you because I want to help you realize your potential too. I'm not saying I have reached nirvana yet, but I think I have done well in finding my path.

I find that most online businesses are struggling with:

  • Getting traffic
  • Making enough sales
  • Dealing with the wrong clients or customers
  • Focussing on the wrong things

While this list may not be complete, it's accurate.

The problem is that looking at the symptoms of any problem never reveals the root cause. Have you asked yourself why you are not getting traffic to your website? Why are sales an issue? Why are my ideal clients not finding me? Am I focussing on the right things?

When you work with me, I will help you answer these questions.

The Traffic and Sales Dilemma

In many cases, businesses are not making sales because of a lack of traffic.

The immediate solution to getting more traffic to your website is to buy ads from Google or Facebook. Up to now, Facebook advertising has worked to get your message in front of people. As time goes on though, advertising online will become more and more expensive. Most new and small business owners will not be able to afford running ads. With more and more competition, you will need to find a way to stand out. In my opinion, these are all good things. It forces us to grow, to develop and improve our offerings. The market is also demanding better quality, a better customer experience and more value for their money.

The more appropriate question to ask is to ask is are you getting the right traffic?

From an advertising point of view, better targeting and narrowing the focus of your ad campaigns can be achieved. It will take time and money to test various offers, audiences and creatives until you see the right people becoming clients.

But how is the same result achieved using 'free' methods? I say 'free', in quotes, because even though you may not pay for ads or have people working on testing these things for you, there is a time investment needed. Really, nothing in life is free.

Traffic via social media and organic sources can be great, if they are leveraged in the right way. On Social, building a community of loyal fans works well. Organic visitors come when you publish content on your website and blog on a regular basis. To find the right people, post the right content.

The Right Content

When it comes to content, create what you love to consume. If you love video, then make videos. If you love reading, then write. If you love listening to podcasts and audiobooks, then publish a podcast. Most people know where to put out content, the struggle is to actually create it. Creating content takes time, requires brain work and takes courage.

Getting out of your own way can be hard. You may not know you are.

How I Help

I stand with you, analyze your moves, tackle your demons, and advise on what to do next. My approach is direct and straight forward. Our time will be spent on working on practical application of methods and strategies that work today. No fluff. No BS.

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