How does website performance affect everyone in 2017? Over the last 5 years, it has become increasing important to develop websites that are visually appealing, and give the user the information they need in an instant. Time is a resource that has always been important, and in today’s society, more so than ever. People are on the lookout to get instant results, drink instant coffee, easy fast food prepared and delivered in an instant and have gifts, groceries, books and applianced delivered within the same hour.

The same applies to services delivered online. If websites take a second or two too long, people get impatient and may never see the front door to your business.

Mobile phones have created a society where near anything is searchable immediately. Their phones are always within arms reach. Phones do not switch off and notifications, chats, emails, images and video are available 24/7. Some people become irate when the phone rings, usually because they were taking a selfie with their friend or in the middle of a heated debate in chat.


It goes without saying that websites need to be delivered to mobile devices and desktop computers at lightning fast speed. As technology develops, people expect more performance year on year. With more processing power and bandwidth devices can do more, thus adding additional load on developers and servers to deliver.

Performance is a never ending battle that will not ever be solved. Thus, it is important that regular updates be made to the design, functionality and performance aspects of websites be made.

All this to keep the customer coming back.